The Original Cast of B-100


This historic photo was taken the weekend before B-100 signed on for the first time (March 1975). Within a short period several Boogie Brothers and Sisters joined the B-100 family 1003506_570156809706791_102152422_nincluding Gary Kelley, “Just Kevin” Anderson, Phil Flowers, Glen McCartney, Ken “Beaver Cleaver” Levine, Cherie, J.R. Rogers, Gene Knight, Shotgun Tom Kelly, Danny Wilde, John Fox, Ellen K, Danny Romero, Mike Novak, Christopher Lance, Kathy Aunan, The Rich Brothers: Frank Anthony, Scott Kenyon, Pat Gaffey & Bobby Rich.

The First Voices were:

(standing, left to right)
Rob (Bob) Landree. B-100’s first morning dj, aka “Rick Dees Jr.” Best Known for being a “wing-ding-wisenheimer”

Willie B. Goode. Afternoons.  The face of a 16-year-old with the voice of a 45-year-old man. The girls really liked him.

Terri Lynn. News Director. Nobody knew her last name and nobody knows what happened to her. Likely witness protection program.

Bobby ‘Dr. Boogie’ Rich. Part time DJ and Program Director. Best known for having fun and sounding like it.

Dave Conley. Mid-days, stolen from competitor KCBQ. Everybody’s weird oldest brother.

Scott “Rocketman” Wright. Nights. Best remembered for “Playing so much boogie it’s drippin’ down my leg.”

(seated) Billy Martin. Overnight Drive. Member Hair Club for DJ’s (joining Willie and Rocket)

(floored) Jimi “Fox That Rocks” Fox. Early evenings and Music Director. Best known for screaming over the intro of Roberta Flack ballads, “B100,it’sthegreatest-rockandrollradiostation-intheuniverse-blibbityblibbity-Ican’tbelieveit-hahahahaha”

Today you hear THESE VOICES on B100.FM



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