They Still Aren’t Making NEW Oldies

b100-smokin-print-ad     I used to think listening to songs from “my time” would mean I was stuck living in the past. But that was stupid. After all, there is current and recent music everywhere we turn. It can’t be avoided. And that is a GOOD thing. What it’s all about is knowing that you can escape the NOW and remember your BETTER time (with BETTER music) anytime you feel the need. We all need to keep up with what’s going on so we can relate to our younger relations, co-workers and friends. And when you become overwhelmed, overcome by massive technology advances, political nastiness — or just generally freaked out — you can jump back Jack. That is why B100.FM (by now you know we are TOO HIP to be a “dot com”) exists… to remember good times. When was that for you?

     Was it in the 1960s? 70s? 80s? 90s? For most people it started in your tween years (roughly ages 8-14, “between” childhood and teenage years) and wound down when you started feeling older (usually at age 40, 50 or 60.) That older time frame differs immensely. I actually don’t feel older except when I tell someone how old I am and they say “Holy Crap–and you’re still alive?!?” Yeah, thanks for that.

     Most people don’t feel their age at all. If you ask them how old they feel they’ll say, “honestly I feel like I am (15 to 30 years younger.)” That is healthy, optimistic, positive and bitchin’. Sure we’re playing a mind game on our subconscious, but that stuff works. Nobody said getting older had to mean growing up or stop having fun or making the best of our days. When it comes to feeling good, keep it up. When it comes to thinking about your chronological years, keep them down.

     Age is something both Bobby Rich and Dr. Boogie agree on. They were raised by a woman of complete optimism. She shut herself off from unpleasantness and did not celebrate birthdays or believe in age. Not from vanity — but from her reality that it didn’t mean anything. She lived to BE 100. True story.

5 responses to They Still Aren’t Making NEW Oldies

  1. Connie G says:

    Age? What’s that?!!
    –from someone who isn’t sure if she has OO (Optimistic Outlook) or EOA (Early Onset Altzheimer’s.)

  2. Mark Moskowitz says:

    As they say about cars: ” It’s not the year, it’s the mileage “. You have some good advice about keeping the mental and emotional mileage down.

  3. Mark Kausch says:

    Not to be Debbie Downer (I am male, after all), but there are times your body just won’t let you forget how old (it thinks) you are.

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