more What Radio Is Today – part 2

“RADIO.”  I still love saying that “I am in radio” when meeting people.

These are the times we all need to ’embrace change.’ Just about everything is changing. Much of it led by technology. But RADIO still exists, and many stations are doing a good job of changing with the times–while keeping the programming elements that always made it great. When satellite radio (still “radio,” did you notice?) first hit the scene I was concerned. bobby-leatherBut for the wrong reasons. Much of their success was real– due to an expansive and expensive campaign with public relations firms, writers and editors of cutting edge publications/on-line sources to discount terrestrial radio as “old and outdated” and being supplanted by satellite fed radio. The entire satellite thing was — and is — nothing more than another way to listen to RADIO. The down side for the traditional broadcast business model was that many bought into the PR BS. Example: did you know that those “units in vehicles” numbers you hear about include the number of new cars that come with free 6 month satellite service? PLUS those unsold cars on lots with the service pre-paid? AND those people who let their free sample run out but don’t pay to keep it going?

Broadcasters, once made up nearly exclusively by mom&pop local market operations, were bought up by conglomerates (like Clear-Channel/iHeart and Cumulus) who only knew or cared about profits? They wanted to make money by cutting out service and local coverage, community connection and support. Making a profit is essential to a good business plan, but it’s not the ONLY reason to do what RADIO does. Kudos to those existing companies who aren’t so greedy as to cut the key to success in broadcasting. Which is making a difference to YOUR listeners in YOUR community.

Bobby “Dr. Boogie” Rich has seen and heard many changes (improvements?) in the radio biz since he started at age 15. He still believes in it and is thrilled to be on the radio every day. His internet only station is his way of keeping up with the changes and offering a tribute (and the music of an era) to one of San Diego, CA’s legendary radio stations, B100. 

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