Q’s and Ass

It’s not a spelling typo, but there should be an apostrophe between the 2 s’s. Simply means that each of the Q(uestions) gets two A(nswers), one from Bobby Rich and the other from Dr. Boogie. Being incorrect (or “in-crow-‘NECK”) with pronunciation (or “PRONOUNCE’-ee’-a-shun”) has never stopped either of these geniuses. Neither has using made-up words. But we deegrass…

Q: I listen to B100 to hear songs I remember and love but then you go and play something I’ve never heard before. Why do you have to do that? Bobby: This is our biggest challenge. We play as many true hit songs as we deem desirable. To avoid playing the SAME songs over-and-over we also play songs that weren’t big hits (we call those “mid-chart stiffs”) but are cool and fit in with the others. This is also how we are able to guarantee NO REPEATS for at least 100 hours Dr. B: Screw you, we don’t “have to” do anything. As the B100.FM Music Deflector I play what I like. Get off my back if you aren’t up to trying a little something new.

Q: I want to buy everything that KRAPCO sells. HaHa. Where do you come up with those phoney commercials? Bobby: We acquired them legally via something called “the internets.” Dr. B: Our extremely talented and long-time friend Dale “the voiceman” Reeves lives near here. Once when we went to his house–and he wasn’t lookIMG_3693ing–we stuck a thumb drive in his laptop and stole them.

Q: Having grown up in San Diego I recognize some of the voices between the songs. How did you get all those old deejays to be part of B100.FM? Bobby: The original jocks from B100 are all family to us. We love them and they love us. They like being a part of this web version almost as much as they did the real B100 in the 70s and 80s. Dr. B: Just your basic blackmail. We badger, bleed and coerce them.

Q: Do you play any songs about LOVE? Bobby: There are more than 465 with “love” in the title in our library of which we regularly play about 380. Dr. B: Stop asking idiotic questions and wasting our time, OK?

Q: You advertise that you are always finding ‘new oldies’, what are some you’ve found recently? Bobby: A few we’ve added: Route 66/Depeche Mode, Mirror Man/Human League, Pop Goes The World/Men Without Hats, Heatwave/Linda Ronstadt, When I Write The Book/Rockpile, Roll Over Beethoven/ELO, My Oh My/Slade, Give It To Me Baby/Rick James, Make A Move On Me/Olivia Newton John, Winning/Santana, Break Out/Swing Out Sister, Breaking Away/Balance, Queen of Hearts/Juice Newton, Romeo’s Tune/Steve Forbert, Elvira/Oak Ridge Boys, Medley/Stars on 45, King For A Day/Thompson Twins, Workin’ On A Groovy Thing/Fifth Dimension, The Waiting/Tom Petty. Dr. B: What he said.

Add YOUR Q’s in the comments section, we’re interested in what you like. Thanks for streaming B100.FM –Bobby

…or mail ME here: B100doctorboogie@gmail.com (that way Bobby won’t see it and tell me there’s no way in hell we’d ever play that piece of crap. –Dr. B

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  1. Gary Kelley says:

    Dear Bobby Rich,
    I wish I had time to read blogs. I don’t make time for my own business blog, maybe business would pick up if I did. I think your Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is concept is brilliant. Maybe the two of you could do mornings? I’ve thought of doing a show with Siri, but can’t get past all the work it would take to get along with her as she frustrates me daily on the freeway. “I’m sorry Gary I don’t understand”. I can’t imagine doing a show with her every day. Of course if I got tried of her I could always just throw her out the window. My version of Apple Care.

    With regard to voicing some B100 sayings, I’ve been promising I will get to it this week for a little over three years now. I think I’m waiting for that perfect feeling that I used to have when I stepped (Ran) into the studio. Regardless of how life up dumped on me, I vividly remember the feeling of turning up the volume knob in the studio, putting on the headphones and everything else vanished. I could feel I my adrenaline going through my entire body. I can remember where I was in Hollywood at a big station wanting to someday work for B100. I think I was 19 at the time. It would be almost another year until I was given the chance to return home to San Diego and be invited to dinner with Booby Rich and Beaver Cleaver, (Ken Levine). I was so nervous I choose the cheapest thing on the menu, Onion Soup. ( I hate onion soup, and haven’t ordered it since). Across the table is Beaver and Bobby having a couple of Bloody Mary’s, and that was just Bobby… I didn’t know the term TRADE. On the way over Donna Summer on the radio singing Love to Love you Baby as I sat sheepishly in the back seat. I was locked in time and everything would be permanent about this night for the rest of my life. So thank you for reading for as I write I’m taken back to a special time that never would be repeated again. It’s one of life’s special gifts, wonderful memories and special people. Yes there have been many good times, but few can compare to those times on the radio, on B100. I was blessed to try to live up to what was expected from being on the greatest radio station with the greatest boss of all time.
    Gary Kelley

    • drb00gie says:

      Gary Kelley, is one of B100 San Diego’s truly GREAT dj’s. That was a club (the B100 jocks) that you DID want to be invited to. Either as a listener (there were A LOT of those including the dj’s from the other stations) or–if you were super talented like Gary–you could actually be PAID to work there. Good times indeed.

  2. John says:

    “Mid-chart stiffs”, album tracks, B-sides, undiscovered “new” oldies, songs that shoulda-been hits – whatever you want to call them are the salvation of an oldies-based format for the same reason oldies-based formats have always been problematic long-term … they ain’t makin’ any new oldies. Though you could argue The Monkees “Good Times!” album was attempt at that – and a pretty good one too! Kudos to Bobby’s B100 for recognizing and embracing the way to make the format work in 2016!

    • drb00gie says:

      You got that right John. You learned your craft well and took it to new heights programming one of the most eclectic stations ever. Thanks for your input and support from a fellow radio pro.

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