Come On Get Happy 2017

I resolved to NOT make a Resolution for the New Year. That was my way of handling it the last several years.  Worked great. Was first time ever I accomplished a resolution. But seriously lame. So I’m actually “thinking it through” (which was the last real resolution I made. I think it was in the late 80s.) this time and I’ve gotten pseudo serious on the subject and have come up with some possibilities.

Resolve To make A Resolution

First, it appears that one must actually resolve to MAKE a resolution. So the good news here is that you will have already completed one of them. Next is to make it something that you WANT to accomplish and make it doable. So “world peace” or “make everyone understand and practice common sense” are out. Pick something fun. Like, oh let’s say ”I’ll find more ways to be happy and have fun in 2017.” That should give you your second success story.

But wait—that’s too easy and generic. We have to make a specific goal that is specifically attainable and quantifiable and measureable. (Strike that. I’m suddenly in my Annual Review mode and that is NOT fun or happy.) Let’s add some detail and try this out…

How about stop being so hard on ourselves . We are after all humans (most of us) and therefore imperfect. So screw perfection. Just Let It Go a little and give yourself a break. Maybe we throw something in about judgment? Like “I’ll stop judging others and myself so much.” Sure it comes naturally to be judgmental, but what if we just cut out the “I’m so ugly, fat and stupid” stuff?  That could be a step toward experiencing happiness.

Stop the gossip. It would be really powerful if you avoid gossip AND change the subject when you overhear it from others. Maybe a woman who lives outside the Mean Girls circle could help us figure out how. Play a video, board or other game without being super competitive. (Nah, that’s asking too much of us proud to be competitive types.)

DO things you love. Hang with people you like. Appreciate what you have that makes you happy. If you hate your job get a different one. Follow a dream, learn something (cooking, playing an instrument, dancing, gardening, crafting, blogging.) Do more of what you already like doing (volunteering, reading, watching movies, tv shows and live performances)… do I have to do all the heavy lifting here?

OK, one more. STOP SAYING

1.    Whatever

2.   It is what it is

3.   At the end of the day

4.   Just sayin’

Share and Comment–What Will YOU Do To Get Happy?

“This Year may your hair and teeth, your face-lift, abs and stocks not fall, may your blood pressure, your cholesterol, white blood count and mortgage interest not rise. Happy New Year!”


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