Memories In A Bell Jar

Most B100.FM listeners fall into the generation known as Baby Boomers. We were born between 1946 and 1964 and are now in the vulnerable years of sweet memories… and perhaps a few regrets. We think about how things have changed since our teen and early adult lives. And how the world has become something we never imagined. When a loyal B100.FM listener and current boomer submitted this original poem, we asked permission to publish it here exclusively. THANK YOU, Amelia Kenner, for your cherished
Memories in a Bell Jar

Looking back on leaner years
I hadn’t thought them rosy
In just a shabby, rented place
Though I had made it cozy

All was bought in thrift stores then
Such treasures would abound there
A brightly colored antique lamp
And other riches found there

How quickly it had caught my eye
But I had not the money then
Would three dollars hold it, please?
I promised I’d be back again

Warm the satisfaction felt
On that fine day I placed it
Upon an old and weathered desk
Where decades had embraced it

A chair which had seen better days
A clock I had to save for
A nightstand someone gave to me
A braided throw rug on the floor

Flowered curtains I had sewn
And was so very proud of
A pretty painted wooden box
The many books that I had loved

Everything was second hand
And nothing matched the others
Odd, assorted dinnerware
That once had been my mother’s

Oh, so many years have passed
How was it that I managed so?
This I often wonder now
As memories skip to and fro

Still, I think that I was happy
Though I had so little then
Seems there was a sense of freedom
I have never felt again

Was it just that I was young
Or is there something more to it?
I was poor, but seasons change
And now it is the opposite

For here I have a lovely home
All filled with perfect furnishings
Nothing but designer fashions
And they’re all the latest things

Rooms that do not have a use
But I am told they’re beautiful
So now I am collecting things
As money’s not an obstacle

Fine, expensive music boxes
German dolls and tapestries
Fragile, Spanish porcelain figures
Mostly anything I please

Artwork hanging on the wall
And everything’s coordinated
So why am I heavy burdened
With a weight so unabated?

How I wonder at this turn
Why should I feel this strange distress?
Now it seems the more I have
The more I wish that I had less

Memories In A Bell Jar, By Amelia Kenner Used by Permission ©2017

3 responses to Memories In A Bell Jar

  1. Allen Milford Vanik says:

    yaa, that’s the thing – the more ya have – the more you need .. until you love what you have, love who you are and love what you’re doing NOW..

  2. Lori says:

    Beautiful……..and so true. We all long for simpler times & regret not trying to make them last longer… least I do.

  3. Anita Lynch says:

    The poem was beautiful! It really touched my heart. Thank you so much for sharing this part of yourself with us Ms. Kenner.

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