Accidental free printer, gave it away

It started with a purchase. Order on-line, wait to be notified for store pick up. Then the excruciating process of unpacking. I’ve never seen more plastic, styrofoam, accessories in baggies, and LITTLE STRIPS OF BLUE TAPE in my life. Nine minutes separating the item from its packaging. Then, the set-up. Mine would not go past the stage where you would be adding the ink cartridges. I read their on-line FAQ’s, Googled the model number and the error code to no avail. After 7 attempts (including turning the unit off and on, unplugging from the wall, restarting the set-up, etc.) I called Tech Support. Once the “your call is important to us” recording played 23 times I had a real person on the line.

**We Have A Winner! Congratulations to Erin B. chosen 3.29.17**

“First, let me give you a quick back story to eliminate some of the suggestions you’ll probably have,” I helpfully began the convo. Told him the entire story. Then PTG (Phone Tech Guy) says, “so when did you get it?” “I got it today as I already told you,” I was holding it together. He continued, “did you try turning it off and back on?” “Yessss,” I maintained a calm demeanor, “Seven times, I told you that already also.” After 6 more questions, including “is there any blue tape on the cartridge located in the back of the unit” he put me on hold for 13 minutes. SOLUTION: they would send a new replacement in 2 to 5 business days.

Did I feel relieved? Nope, I felt like “NOW I’M GONNA HAVE TO RE-PACK FOR RETURN?!?!” But apologetic PTG said, “just recycle the original item.” (They told me to throw it away!) And that’s why I received another brand-new EPSON XP-830 color, wireless printer/scanner/fax machine. Why am I giving the new one (still sealed in box) away? Because, after disconnecting with PTG I discovered the REAL cartridge location is in the middle of the unit hiding under the document window. (If only he had given me correct info…) And you’ll never guess what was there. Little strips of blue tape and a baggie with instructions inside. I pulled all that out and the printer works beautifully.

NOW I feel GUILT. Should I cancel the freebie shipment after all that? No, that’s probably another hour explaining to supervisors, etc.

SO I kept it and I gave it away. The winner is Erin B.

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  1. Connie G says:

    AND if he had taken it back to the store, they wouldn’t have been able to accept it without giving him a refund. For a really expensive item, maybe he should have shipped it back, but for $100 (and it’s worth far less to THEM because of store markup) they would probably have told him “Just donate it” because it isn’t worth their time and trouble. I’ve had that happen to me more than once in similar situations, like when they’ve sent the wrong item or an exchange for a different product.

  2. Connie G says:

    Hey Kellie,
    I get what you’re saying but honestly, it seems like Bobby did everything he honestly thought he was supposed to do, and the guy didn’t explain that there were two “covers,” — one on top of the other. He told him to look in the back. He was making the ASSUMPTION that Bobby has had a printer before and knew what he was doing. With my first printer, my husband always changed the cartridges and I didn’t have a clue how. One day I needed to change it while he was at work. I called him and he kept saying “Lift the cover!” and I kept saying “I AM. There’s no place to put a cartridge!” and was doing the same thing Bobby did. No, my I.Q. isn’t below normal. The big question is, how has Bobby gone all these years without a printer???? Well, he’s probably always used the one at work, that’s my guess!

  3. David "Mr. Street Smarts" Leighton says:


    Any chance you got an extra Atari laying around that we can win? I would love to play Pac-Man, Pitfall, Frogger and Defender again.

  4. Kellie Michaels says:

    You should send the replacement printer back to the company. Any way you look at it, it was your error that produced the windfall. Even if you have to cover the shipping costs.

    • drb00gie says:

      Thanks, Kellie. Ethically I thought the same way. But let me reiterate the exact conversation after going through a lengthy process in which I followed ALL of his directions and answered all of his questions:
      him “Did you check the cartridge?
      me “I do not know what or where that is?”
      him “It’s in the back, the BACK of the machine”
      me “I’m looking at the back and I see a small door, is that it?”
      him “yes, check inside the cartridge and make sure there’s no blue tape in there”
      me (I Opened the little door and looked and felt around inside, no tape of other stuff)
      It was long after the call ended that I started poking around on my own and discovered the cartridge was NOT in the back, it was underneath the scanning glass in the top and middle of the unit. That is what ultimately led me to not send it back. I decided I’D GIVE it away to someone deserving.

  5. Marty Cunningham says:

    Bobby, I can hardly wait to win this and have the same type of electronic magic you had!!! Sounds like my experiences to a “T”. I am a proud member of the TIE club. Taxes, Insurance Electronics make no sense to me!!!!

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