A Beaver and a Bush Walk in to a Bar

I am sitting at a large Hollywood restaurant bar with my girlfriend. We had just started drinking our cocktails when, at the entrance far across the large establishment, I spot someone who looks familiar. I am giddy with excitement at the chance and pleasant surprise meeting with a dear old friend. But, is this who I think it is? He looks different even from a distance. His tall, lanky frame, glasses and wonky stride are playing tricks on my eyes.Read more

Surprise (and Delight?)

A ‘better practices’ marketing strategy buzz-phrase is to “surprise and delight” your customers. This can be done with superior customer service and/or exciting products. You get the idea. Any business can use the philosophy, no real course needed as long as someone in a leadership position understands the basic concept. Wait, did I say that SOMEBODY has to Get It? Yeah, therein lies the rub. Who among us doesn’t have numerous examples of BAD customer service and/or have become boredRead more