It’s the People, Stupid

An advanced broadcasting class at UCLA asked if I would come to Westwood (West Los Angeles campus) to be their Guest Lecturer. (‡1)  I was warmly received by a class of students ranging in age from 19 to late 50’s. And they were hungry for any small bits of knowledge (‡2) that I might share. I was impressed with the eagerness and interest apparent in this group. [**SEE Footnotes below marked with ‡] I spoke about my years of experience asRead more

HERC’s Hidden Hits, Heard on

“You think it’s easy finding new oldies? B100.FM does it every day!” Among the untold number of rediscovered blasts from the past that Dr. Boogie has unearthed, dusted off and shared with listeners are these “mid-chart stiffs” I heard recently.  In my experience, you are unlikely to hear these three juicy choices on any radio station anywhere on the planet. Or in the universe, for that matter. Third Rail’s “Run, Run, Run” features future bubblegum pop star Joey Levine recounting the monotonyRead more

THE POWER OF SUGGESTION – – – – – listener commentary

So you’ve been listening to your new favorite radio station for a few weeks now and you really like what you’ve been hearing: +a great mix of tunes from different genres spanning decades; +playful station identification spots and comedy bits that enhance rather than detract or distract from the music; +and a complete lack of commercials. It is Bobby’s and it is radio for music fans!Read more