THE POWER OF SUGGESTION – – – – – listener commentary

So you’ve been listening to your new favorite radio station for a few weeks now and you really like what you’ve been hearing:

+a great mix of tunes from different genres spanning decades;

+playful station identification spots and comedy bits that enhance rather than detract or distract from the music;

+and a complete lack of commercials.

It is Bobby’s and it is radio for music fans!

“Hi, I’m HERC and I love music and radio. I just found and I REALLY love it!”


While listening to this station through the B100.FM website or via the free app, one of your all-time favorite songs comes on. You know the one. The one you rode your bike up to the store and bought on 45 some forty years ago. Or the one you danced your first dance with your new spouse. As the end of the song nears, another song comes to mind and you think how cool would it be if that song was played next and then, to your amazement, you hear the opening notes of that song! You experience this and other cosmic coincidences over and over as you listen to Bobby’s Now you have another song in mind you’d like to hear and like the on-air promo says “Your song is coming” so you wait it out. Because of the station’s 100-hour No-Repeat Guarantee, you wait at least five days before acting.

You find the “Send Us A Message” link on the website and grab the email address (or maybe you use Twitter or Facebook). You fire off a brief email with “Suggestion” in the subject line and suggest that the song you had in mind might be a good fit for a station that advertises it has all the hits that fits, while being polite and apologizing if the song is already in the station’s library and you just haven’t heard it yet.

Over at station HQ, Dr. Boogie reads the email and checks the station’s digital music library for the suggested song. Coming up empty, he quickly finds it at an online retailer and within a matter of minutes, the track is already on a couple of hard drives in the studio.

Dr. Boogie then adds the newly acquired song to the station’s playlist database, tagging it with all the pertinent information he’ll need. Next, the track is polished to bring it up to the station’s signature dynamic sound so it will sound good no matter where you stream it.

Finally, the song is slotted into the station’s current playlist with automated scheduling software, encoded to a stream-friendly format and uploaded to the remote streaming server. A reply to your request email is sent and the good Doctor calls it a day.

Within an hour, you hear the song you suggested! You dance and sing around the house while wondering if anyone else in the world listening to Bobby’s at that same time is doing the same thing.

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