HERC’s Hidden Hits, Heard on B100.fm

“You think it’s easy finding new oldies?

B100.FM does it every day!”

Among the untold number of rediscovered blasts from the past that Dr. Boogie has unearthed, dusted off and shared with B100.fm listeners are these “mid-chart stiffs” I heard recently In my experience, you are unlikely to hear these three juicy choices on any radio station anywhere on the planet. Or in the universe, for that matter.

Third Rail’s “Run, Run, Run” features future bubblegum pop star Joey Levine recounting the monotony and dangers of the daily commute. This nugget was one of fifteen singles making their debut on Billboard’s Hot 100 the week of August 5, 1967, after it had spent three weeks Bubbling Under The Hot 100. The song first appeared on WMCA 570 AM Fabulous 57 Countdown Survey (dated June 21, 1967) at number 56. It was a regional hit in the Northeast and Midwest, eventually going Top 10 at five stations before making the national charts where it peaked at number 53 in Billboard, number 54 in Cashbox and number 62 in Record World.




“Day After Day (It’s Slippin’ Away)” by Shango was the first of three singles released from their self-titled debut in January 1969. It debuted on the Hot 100 on March 1, 1969, down at number 97 then climbed forty spots over the next six weeks to number 57 before dropping off the chart completely after April 12, 1969. The 45 met a similar fate in Record World (57) and Cashbox (59) – peaking one week and completely disappearing the list of 100 singles the very next week. “Day After Day” was a local radio favorite in California, the Northeast, the Midwest, and here in Tucson on KTKT AM 990. You can read a little more about the song’s connection to The Rockford Files and Playboy Records HERE on Paul Pearson’s Blog.




After the release of 1969’s Stand!, Sly Stone retreated into the studio to write and produce songs for the three acts signed to his boutique label Stone Flower. One of those acts was Little Sister – Vet Stone, Mary McCreary, and Elva Mouton – who had sung backup on the first five Sly & the Family Stone LPs. Group member Vet Stone is actually Sly’s little sister and they released two singles on Stone Flower. “Somebody’s Watching You” (a cover of a track from Stand!) was the second of those singles, released in October 1970 and climbing to number 5 on KTKT’s Hit Thirty survey, number 8 on the Soul Singles chart and number 32 on the Hot 100. The funky yet sparse “Somebody’s Watching You” has been recognized as the first Top 40 single to feature a drum machine: The Maestro Rhythm King.



“Your song is coming on B100.FM!”


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  1. Mark Kausch says:

    Thank you! I’ve had “Day After Day” running around in my brain for…well, days! OK, months. But I couldn’t remember the artist. I also fondly remember “Somebody’s Watching You”, but I remember “Run, Run, Run” only as a listing on the Hot 100. Yeah, I was a chart freak.

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