3 Summer Singles heard on B100.fm

Summer Means Fun” (coincidentally, the title of one B100.fm Special Summer Song NOW PLAYING) for just about everyone. Those of us who were in our teen-years in the 60s, 70s, or 80s have strong connections to the tunes we heard on the radio in our carefree and innocent youth. Especially when “School’s Out” or we turned 13 or 16 or 21, graduated, or fell in love the first time. It was often a “Wonderful Summer” (an early 60s sweet classic by Robin Ward) “All Summer Long” (Beach Boys) when you and your “Beach Baby” cruised around in the “Summer Wind,” just “Walking On Sunshine” and enjoying your “Vacation.” We’ve found hundreds of songs that feel like “Summer“–or were the ones blasting out of every boombox during summertime–and blended them into our massive library of 2,000 Hits And Misses. You can enjoy them anytime from B100.fm or on our free app. Also available on TuneIn.   We enticed our #1 Music Guy HERC to pick just three of his favorites:

“Beach Party” – Annette (1963)

Beach Party, starring Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon, launched a series of seven films about teens having a good time on the beach. The opening scene of Beach Party shows “Dolores” (Funicello) and “Frankie” (Avalon) driving down a coastal road with their surfboards visible behind them as they head towards the beach. Along the way, the two break out in song, singing the film’s title track. Though the two stars sang it as a duet in the film, their respective and restrictive recording contracts prevented them from releasing the song as heard in the film, so each of them cut a solo version. Released in October 1963, Annette’s Beach Party peaked at number 39 on the album chart while Frankie’s Muscle Beach Party And Other Motion Picture Songs, released in March 1964, failed to chart. We play Annette’s version of “Beach Party” on B100.FM but wait until you get a load of her doing “Muscle Beach Party”.

“Dreadlock Holiday” – 10cc (1978)

The lyrics to “Dreadlock Holiday” are based on true events as they happened to the group’s Eric Stewart and his good friend Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues while they were on holiday in Barbados. When the two returned home to England, Stewart recounted their adventures to his bandmate Graham Gouldman, and together they composed “Dreadlock Holiday”, switching the location from Barbados to Jamaica in the lyrics. The 1978 song was their group 10cc’s third and final Number One on the UK charts though it only rose to number 44 in the States. In addition to “Dreadlock Holiday” on our Summer Playlist, other 10cc songs that can be heard on B100.FM are “I’m Not In Love” (1975) and “The Things We Do For Love” (1977).

“Breezin'” – George Benson (1976)

In December 1970, producer Tommy LiPuma gathered a small group of session musicians to support a talented jazz guitarist as he cut the track “Breezin'”. The single peaked at number 43 on the Soul chart. Five years later, LiPuma gathered another small group of musicians and another talented jazz guitarist to once again record “Breezin'”. This time around, the single crossed over to the Easy Listening (#13) and Hot 100 Singles (#63) charts as well as number 55 on the Soul chart. The first guitarist was Gábor Szabó, who reportedly spent the rest of his brief life denouncing the second recording from the stage and in interviews. The second guitarist was George Benson. We like the sound of his take on “Breezin'” so much, we made it part of our Summer B100-style playlist.

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