A Millennial Gets It!

Bobby’s B100 is a digital (Internet-only)  radio station that’s keeping the real essence of radio alive. Launching streaming audio from their aptly named URL, B100.FM as a tribute to the legendary radio station in San Diego –  designed by its original architect. Yes, the award-winning, Hall of Fame broadcaster & radio guru Bobby Rich. B100 with its ‘Music & Fun’ theme was the true, raw radio experience that delivered number one ratings in any big city for the first time (1977 Arbitron) on an FM channel. While the radio station itself no longer exists, its’ legacy lives on and Bobby Rich strives to keep alive the real radio experience at Bobby’s B100.FM. 

“Crank it up on your phone, a tablet or a desktop, and listen to the good jams and cool voices of better radio times. You will find it bodaciously bitchin’ even if you’ve never been to San Diego. It’s savage.” -Jessica C.

It is not necessary to be from – or to live in – San Diego, it is simply a really good radio station that has a SOUND that accurately reflects the era and the place. Recently the station has added many listeners from Southern Arizona. I can listen from anywhere on the planet and imagine that it is 1975 or 1988 or whenever. With this Internet-based radio station of today, those who were the young adults of the 70s & 80s can relive their own memories and nostalgia. But the audience today is not limited. Bobby’s B100 is made for anyone any age who enjoys music, fun DJ’s and some damn good radio listening. And they’ve kept it free of ads (other than some very funny parody pieces that belong on SNL.) The station even brings the voices of original B-100 personalities like Pat Gaffey, Ellen K, Gary Kelley, Kevin Anderson, J.R.Rogers, Kathy Aunan, Willie B Goode, John Fox, Frank Anthony, Cherie, Shotgun Tom Kelly, Rob Landree,Tony Pepper, Rob Actis, Gene Knight, Dr. Boogie and Beaver Cleaver! 

And I like it, a lot. It’s even better than a guilty pleasure.

We thank our millennial fan Jessica C. for asking if she could submit a piece she wrote about us. She did her research and was very complimentary, so we sent her a B-$100 Dollar bill for her work. In her honor we will also refrain from some of our time worn Gen-Y jokes. 

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  1. Tracey M says:

    So glad to hear my favorite DJ from Tucson again, a sure cure for my constant home sickness for the Old Peublo😉

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