Surprise (and Delight?)

A ‘better practices’ marketing strategy buzz-phrase is to “surprise and delight” your customers. This can be done with superior customer service and/or exciting products. You get the idea. Any business can use the philosophy, no real course needed as long as someone in a leadership position understands the basic concept. Wait, did I say that SOMEBODY has to Get It? Yeah, therein lies the rub. Who among us doesn’t have numerous examples of BAD customer service and/or have become boredRead more

keyword: kindness

  I developed from being naive and oblivious only to become paranoid and frightened. That summed up my earliest childhood, before being bullied by local thugs who worked for my dad and decided to take out their frustrations with him on me. But those ugly and early experiences have been followed by a good life with good people. A life that has led me to be cautious but trusting. Especially considering the way I have felt recently about the world,Read more

she works layin’ whiskey down

“Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)” by Looking Glass was a number one hit in 1972 and went on to be number 12 for the year. Some say it was the Summer Song of ’72. It has been played in power rotations by oldies stations ever since, including B100.FM. (Looking Glass tried again the following summer with”Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne” which made the Top 40 and hung on for 4 months but never became nearly the smash as Brandy.) In the song,Read more

Hack THIS!

Do you use square containers in the microwave? Don’t do that. You see, the corners attract more energy and it tends to leave the food in the corners overcooked. I learned this while researching a new feature I’m planning for B100.FM. But I HATE the term “hacks” being used for everything. Why and where did that start happening? What is the simpler, user-friendly way to say “here’s an interesting little fact, presented in a friendly manner, that could make your life easier?”Read more

Accidental free printer, gave it away

It started with a purchase. Order on-line, wait to be notified for store pick up. Then the excruciating process of unpacking. I’ve never seen more plastic, styrofoam, accessories in baggies, and LITTLE STRIPS OF BLUE TAPE in my life. Nine minutes separating the item from its packaging. Then, the set-up. Mine would not go past the stage where you would be adding the ink cartridges. I read their on-line FAQ’s, Googled the model number and the error code to no avail.Read more

Memories In A Bell Jar

Most B100.FM listeners fall into the generation known as Baby Boomers. We were born between 1946 and 1964 and are now in the vulnerable years of sweet memories… and perhaps a few regrets. We think about how things have changed since our teen and early adult lives. And how the world has become something we never imagined. When a loyal B100.FM listener and current boomer submitted this original poem, we asked permission to publish it here exclusively. THANK YOU, Amelia Kenner,Read more