Boomers are Worthless? What the What??

Some crazy people in the media and advertising communities decided that anyone older than 54 is not worthy.

“I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”

Specifically, not worthy for companies who want to introduce–or enforce the image of–the services and products they offer. It sounds like fake news, but it’s been true for decades and it still is today. The Ad Agencies, local and national, only focus on people under 55. Oh, and over 24. Their opinion of what is worthy is if it appeals to this “25 to 54” demographic. It is so idiotic that the largest age group (Baby Boomers) are now completely worthless to them.

It’s ageism at its worse for this massive audience. TV, Radio, Print and Social media all stop caring about you when you turn 55.

Of course there are exceptions, especially now as the youngest Boomer is over 54. The AARP generation is over half of the population. There are over 70,000,000  of us geezers. We’re not all super wealthy, but we have enough Crazy Money (that we will spend on anything we really want) to do crazy things like travel, new cars, entertainment, concerts and performances, dining out. And spoiling our grandkids.

Can’t we all just get a little respect?

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