Dedication: Scott Kenyon

I first met Scott when I moved to Toledo, Ohio. He was in high school and had already decided he wanted to be a radio dj. He applied for a job at WOHO and he got assigned as phone answerer for my show. I immediately felt a connection (that later inspired the most successful project of both of our broadcast careers) which I still feel all these years later.


Later he went on with his radio career as did I, but we never separated as the brothers we had become. Once I was settled in Tucson, and he in Salt Lake City, we got talking about what we wanted to do with the rest of our lives. We agreed that recreating B-100 was the way to go. As his health deteriorated we decided to do a tribute on the Internet. I planned it and we discussed how he could move to Tucson (he wouldn’t leave Salt Lake City until his kids graduated from high school–even though he was long divorced from their mother) and we would do it together. Just like the good old days.

Sadly, he died and I felt the absence of the best friend … and the brother I never had.

The original spark to do a Tribute to B-100 was for Scott. I still think of him every (EVERY) day.


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