Did you watch the MTV Video Music awards?

When exactly do we realize we have totally changed our appreciation for current pop music? Have you? Or do you remember when you did? We remember when MTV started. And then when they stopped showing music videos. That got our attention and meant something to us. But if you’re like most of us over 49 today you probably really don’t give a crap about today’s MTV awards. Or artists. Or songs. MTV spacemanHere’s a hint: you don’t know most (if any) of the artists nominated for the awards. You don’t know – and for the most part don’t like – most of the music being performed. Another huge sign: you don’t care.

Keeping up with “what’s current” is no longer important to you. You’re not alone, most of your peers don’t care either. Is this a bad thing? Does it mean we are out of touch, out of step, or gulp – old? Not necessarily. We grew up and the changes in music did not match our desires or tastes. And now we can take a little of it here and there. But mostly we prefer what we know. And there is nothing (NOTHING) wrong with that.

The above opinions are those of Bobby Rich. Bobby knows that B100.FM Music Deflector Dr. Boogie might disagree with some of them and he really doesn’t care.

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  1. Paul Duca says:

    I saw the very first one, in a motel room in Maine two hours from my college campus–that’s how mad I was for MTV and music video in general. I admit to being simply bemused when Madonna rolled around the stage in a wedding gown, introducing “Like A Virgin”.

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