B-100 voices you hear NOW

B100.FM features these 

Original B-100 San Diego personalities.

Pat Gaffey Ellen K
Willie B Goode John Fox
Gary Kelley Shotgun Tom Kelly
Gene Knight Frank Anthony
Danny Wilde Gary Hamilton
J.R. “Jimmy” Rogers Kathy Aunan
Rob Landree Cherie
“Just Kevin” (Anderson) Rob Actis
Bobby Rich                                                      Tony Pepper

Dr. Boogie                                                        …and Ken Levine as The Beaver

Click HERE to see the ORIGINAL CAST of B100 San Diego, circa 1975

Awaiting audio Whereabouts Unknown Deceased
Glen McCartney Dave Conley
Danny Romero Terri Lynn Phil Flowers
“The Rocketman” Scott Kenyon
Mike Novak Uncle Fred (Stemen)
Christopher Lance
Billy Martin
Jimi Fox

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