Take a tour, won’t you? It’s FREE for B100.FM Listeners


“Hey, our stuff should look cool AND sound cool,” is part of Dr. Boogie’s philosophy.

You may wonder what equipment it takes to run an internet radio station. Well, trust us it does NOT require everything you are about to see. Dr. Boogie just likes having stuff whether we NEED it or not. Mostly it’s “not.” In many cases the B100.fm Studio is filled with “not necessary” hard and soft ware. But that’s part of the FUN that we consider so important. Obviously we aren’t doing this to make money so costs don’t matter. Except that we don’t have much money so we are often forced to buy used, pull it out of trashcans and/or steal it from one of the many radio stations that fired us.

In this tour you will see the actual equipment that transmits the Bitchin’ Music and Fun that Bobby’s B-100 is hoping it will eventually become famous for.

MXD Genesis II, our mic of choice


Arrakis ARC-10 board


studio monitorsKRK
Studio monitors KRK-Rokit


Numark Red Wave headphones a.k.a. “cans”


studio automation
PC #1, music library and scheduling software. Spartamation 


STUDIOmacTwisted Wave
MAC production Twisted Wave


sounding ballsy now!
Audio processing being tested


Only used as encoder
PC #2 dedicated to feeding our streaming service… SamCast is used only as an encoder


can you identify these?
The Mic Farm


Cart Machine


Holy Crap That's LOUD
The OPTIMOD “crunches” all the audio leaving the studio. This is part of why we say “What RADIO Sounded Like.” The settings attempt to duplicate Top 40 Radio.


studioAPC Boom Dell 1
Mic Boom, Dell PC #1 (of 2), APC power backup#1 (of 2)


OTARI reel-to-reel, turntable, cd player, cassette deck


45 and 33rpm
Uninstalled Russco Studio-Pro turntables fully restored. Standby mixer for future use.


B100® Registered at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, solely owned by Bobby Rich
B100.FM President and Part Time DJ, Bobby “Doctor Boogie” Rich

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