Welcome To 1979

what’s with the dot?, people who don’t get it, Christmas music or not?

If you are just finding us,WELCOME TO 1979… annnd, pretty much anything from the mid-60s to all-of-the-70s to early-80s makeup the over 2,000 titles of BITCHIN’ OLDIES played on this free (no fees, no commercials, no personal information solicited) digital audio RADIO Station. B100.FM (NOT a ‘dot com’) was created as a tribute to the legendary B100 that ruled the San Diego, CA airwaves playing rock, pop and soul throughout those years.

We get gobs of questions, here’s some answers…

Q: What exactly is meant by ‘dot FM’

A: .FM (dotFM) is a web domain name like: .com, .net. It’s lesser known because .fm is mostly used for services like B100.FM. Also they cost a lot more than the others. 

Q: How does the B100 radio station work?

A: It works pretty well, most of the time. Listening to B100.FM is just like listening to any audio through your computer, tablet or phone… except we’ve curated selections of a crazy number of songs that were hits, semi-hits, mid-chart stiffs or never released as singles into What RADIO Sounded Like.

Q: I don’t get your station.

A: Next time could you make your query a little less specific? Many people don’t get our quirky little quickies between some of the songs, but they do hear them. (Others say they are“cute” or “funny” or “silly” or “clever” or “dumb.” All of those reactions are understood because humor is complicated. It’s been said that puns and sarcasm are only appreciated by really smart people with advanced senses of humor. If you are saying the AUDIO doesn’t work, that’s another story.

Q: Hey B100.FM, I love your show! What happened to the APP for my Android? I recently upgraded my phone and now it’s gone. I went back to B100.fm site to reload it but it says no longer available? I still listen on my laptop and use blue tooth to put it on bigger sounding speakers, so keep up the good work.

A: Sadly, this is true about the APP. None of us know how to rebuild that app and we are sick about it. Good news is existing versions still work. Oddly, the IOS app still works for iPhones. AND, if you get a free TuneIn.com app you can listen to us…. But be warned you will need to SEARCH “Bobby’s B100” The end result on your phone is the same, and, of course, you can connect via Bluetooth easily in most vehicles. (*Suggest someone who could rebuild our app B100fmBobby@gmail.com)

B100 Founder, President and Part Time DJ, Bobby ‘Dr. Boogie’ Rich

Q: When can we hear Xmas songs? Are you going to be playing any? We think that Straight No Chaser version of 12 Days is pretty bitchin.

A: Oy vey. This literally opens a huge package of opinions. I could write a book. OK a chapter. First, please know that we LOVE Christmas and Holiday songs. But, these days you hear it everywhere–on satellite, subscription channels, local radio stations and more. Short answer (and there will be a chapter and a book eventually), from the creation of B100 we have subscribed to a rule of contrary programming. But not to JUST be contrary. NOT doing what nearly everybody else does has helped bring us an underserved segment of listeners. And we don’t mean people who aren’t believers, but people who are listening around to avoid hearing the same songs 4 times a day or 8 minute clusters of commercials. This is true of most of our policies from music selection to presentation to being a bit outrageous (or “disruptive” as it’s now known.)

NOTE: You still wanna hear some bitchin’ Christmas songs? Click on HERC’s “Lost” blog entry…. you will love his choices. Makes me have second thoughts about next year Christmas possibilities.

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