When MTV Still Played Music (1983)

The first Video Programming chart appeared in the Billboard issue dated January 29, 1983. Consisting solely of self-reported information on the frequency of airings of music videos from MTV, the chart listed Weekend Events (upcoming concerts and specials) as well as four levels of airplay, all dated January 19, 1983:
  • New Videos Added
  • Heavy Rotation (3-4 plays a day)
  • Medium Rotation (2-3 plays a day)
  • Light Rotation (1-2 plays a day)
Bobby’s B100.fm plays some of those songs listed in the four categories nearly thirty-five years down the line, including two of the New Videos Added“One on One” by Hall & Oates and “Photograph” by Def Leppard.
Among the Light Rotation songs heard on B100.fm is Thomas Dolby’s quirky little “She Blinded Me With Science” though I humbly submit the following songs from that twenty-eight title list for consideration as possible additions to the B100 library:
Moving up to Medium Rotation, B100.fm plays nearly all of the twenty-one songs listed including:
While I may not hear the entirety of the massive B100 playlist in my lifetime, I can say with some degree of certainty that I’ve probably heard all but one of the fourteen songs listed in Heavy Rotation over the course of the past three months. Songs like:
I don’t know if MTV is playing music videos any longer but I suspect they are not. With YouTube, there is really no use for it I guess.
I do know Bobby’s B100.fm is playing my favorite songs from early 1983… and the rest of the Eighties as well.
Tune in – YOUR song is coming!
Another contribution from B100.fm’s heroic helper HERC. He has much more to share and we appreciate his knowledge. See more of HERC’s work at The Hideaway

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