Your Own Radio Station & Linda Ronstadt

About a gazillion people think they could create a radio station that “everybody will love” because they would only play songs they personally like. Sadly that scenario often ends with a very small handful of listeners and even the creator gets tired of it and folds the tent within months. It takes a lot of care and feeding to keep it fresh and technically on the air. Also, nobody has enough money to properly promote it and must rely on word of mouth, social media and the like.

Years ago I was offered an in-studio visit from Linda Ronstadt. Her management team agreed that she would come in when I started my morning show at 6am and stay until 9am. She would talk about almost anything and would bring her own records to play. Not records of her performances, but songs she loves and, as she told me, “I could program the most successful radio station because I have the best collection of music. Everyone loves my playlists. This would be a number one station.” She was insistent that I NOT play any of her own records while she was there, but I explained that is what most people would like to hear. (More on how this played out later)

Conversely, if someone can determine what songs most people (in a given demographic) will like… and apply this talent into building a music library of those songs… AND has a method to share it on an Internet station, then maybe a few people would listen. This is what I have done with B100.FM. And it works because, well, a FEW people are listening.

Look, I don’t take myself too seriously and nobody else does either. That’s just fine with me as long as it’s fun. And I am having a blast with B100.FM. Being my own boss means nobody tells me what to play or say. My lifetime of radio programming experience means I do whatever the heck I want. I DO take this assignment seriously because I want to make B100.FM listenable and enjoyable.

Oh, Linda showed up on time with two boxes of cd’s and vinyl and a bunch of hand written notes. She had me play some very nice music by artists I had heard of. Several by the Eagles, Don Henley, Emmylou Harris, Gram Parsons, and Alison Krauss, to name a few.  Some titles were unfamiliar and many were not the type of music my audience would likely appreciate. Still she was gracious, interesting and fun. When she wanted me to play Tone Loc’s “Funky Cold Medina.” I tried to tell her it wasn’t our style of music. She was kinda pissed but I played it anyway, making fun of it as it played.

Then she left. Fortunately we had taken the obligatory staff photos before Tone Loc made his first and only appearance on Tucson’s MIXfm.

“Then she strapped on her skates and left the studio…”

Bobby “Dr. Boogie” Rich, President and Part-Time DJ

B100.FM. Free Digital Radio for MUSIC and FUN.

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